Who will have the power on e-pharmacy, Amazon or Reliance?

Reported by Blogwritter News |India |18’th August |12.28 AM IST

A breaking news is coming today on e-pharmacy from the different sources. We are able to know that there is a clash created between Amzon and Reliance.

Actually while Amazon India launched Amazon Pharmacy in Bengaluru last week and is planning to launch in other cities. But Reliance is also not sitting quietly either. Reliance is also planning to scale up it’s grocery and Pharmacy platforms.

It has started a conflict between these two billionaires Jeff Bezon(CEO of Amazon) and Mukesh Ambani(CEO of Reliance).

What about e-pharmacy ?

E-pharmacy is a kind of platform where there is not any end of opportunities. There are so many sectors that have been badly affected by this lockdown. But it didn’t have any bad effect on e-pharmacy. Medlife, Netmeds, Pharmeasy & 1MG these are the large size players in this field where people can purchase medicines.

People can purchase over the counter( OTC) and prescription based medicines and even health devices also from these platforms. Even nowadays they also are serving telemedicine and diagnostic facilities. According to some experts of this field, this is the most growing platform ever. And they are providing a large margin with large services. And it’s a very useful platform for chronic patients .

Clash between Amazon and Reliance:

Last week a big face of e-commerce sector, Amazon stepped on the field of e-pharmacy. They started from Bengaluru and planning to spread it in other places. Amazon already partnered with US based firm leader Eagle Pharmacy to allow users of Alexa to request for prescription refills.

This news is also being heard that more than 8 lakhs chemists from union declared Amazon’s this step as illegal.

Side by side Reliance is also thinking of getting on this field. So we can be sure that a lot is going to come in this field in next few months. Now the question is that who will be the winner in this battle between Amazon and Reliance.

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