W.H.O's message to youths

12’th August, International Youth Day. In this global crucial moment W.H.O tweeted a very important message to the youth today. Let’s read below W.H.O’s message to youths.

News collected by Blogwritter. Date: 12’th August.

Nowadays we usually hear one thing that we are too young so we will not be infected. But we are pretty sure that after reading this news your misconceptions will go away. WHO says today that young people are not Invincible with their this thought, young people can be infected, young people can also die.

In this Youth Day WHO said that young people can transmit the virus to others. That’s why they must take the same precautions what others are talking. They also said that we have to get out of these boundaries of this misconception. Because that’s not necessary that always they have the mild cases and in our body the virus will be automatically spoiled. They may also have the severe cases. And then it can be trigger of Infection and can damage internal organs.

WHO’ s message on Youth:

WHO said today that all parents must take the responsibility to talk with their children about COVID-19. What actually this virus is & how deadly it is spreading globally. WHO’s message to all parents that don’t be silenced and don’t make any secrets to your children, we should give them value to take decisions in this crucial kind of pandemic.

Blogwritter is wishing you a happy Youth Day. We also are saying that WHO has correctly said. Young people are the future of the World. And now is the time to give them value. Now is the time to make them strong . Then only we all can fight against COVID-19. So don’t take a risk without precautions. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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