Have you ever felt finger Arthritis pain ?

If you have then only you can realize . Suppose suddenly at a time your mother is saying that there is a huge pain in her hand’s finger . It’s just like she can’t even hold the pen also. Stiffness is there actually in her finger. What you’ll do ?

I have that experience, what I am sharing here. My mother’s age is 50 years old. Once at night she was crying suddenly. I was surprised on her finger. She couldn’t even move her fingers. As I am doing job in a pharma company and easily l understood that it is finger Arthritis pain. Then I apply some remedies to get quick relief.

The same also you can apply. Because it may be some moment where you’ll not get a doctor available, you’ll not get a Medicine available.

Let’s take a look that how a person feels with this pain.

Symptoms: Stiffness, Loss of Motion, Swelling, Joint Pain you can feel .

An unbearable pain. This is actually called Osteo-Arthritis. First have a look that how to diagnose this Osteo-Arthritis ?

Remember one thing that there is not any specific blood test to diagnose this.

X-Ray of the affected joints can perform a good role to identify Osteoarthritis. If you do an X-Ray of an Osteoarthritis patient, then you can see that loss of joint cartilage, narrowing of the joint space between adjacent bones, and bone spur formation will be included.

Treatment Options: Once it is diagnosed after that definitely medication will be there to decrease inflammation and to manage pain. But one main important thing you have to do regularly that is physiotherapy. You need to consult with a good physiotherapist specialist.

Regular physiotherapy and exercise can help you here a lot.

With these exercise you can manage this pain. Daily atleast three times in a day you can follow these exercise. And then you can keep this pain in control.

But how you can manage to get instant relief from pain ?

  1. You can massage on the affected joint by ice pack.
  2. Intake Medicine to manage instant pain.
  3. Do exercises to get instant relief.
  4. Get instant relief by applying menthol on the affected joint.
  5. Take ginger tea to keep your this problem under control.
  6. Add more turmeric to your regular dish.
  7. Daily basis yoga at morning is very much needed.

These above things if you maintain in your daily life then you can survive better without pain.But for emergency conditions please consult with your doctor. A Rheumatologist is good choice for this condition.

You can share your experience on Osteo-Arthritis pain in the comment box. You also can share that how you could able to control pain



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