Hey still you are in worry ! Are you still thinking to save your family from COVID-19 kind of virus !

Then stop thinking too much and just scroll down to know more about some Immune boosters who can stand inside you to fight against virus.

Till now no vaccine is available across the world against COVID-19. But still you have a weapon to save yourself. Do you know that !

Yes I am talking here about some Immune boosters by which you can protect yourself.

But why you need an immune booster ?

If you really want to prevent cold, flue and infection then it’s important to take sufficient Immune booster to your daily food. Because when it will be inside your body it will boost your immune system a lot.

Then your body will have the capability to fight against disease, virus & infection. Because if your body doesn’t have sufficient Immune power then easily you can get into the trap of virus,infection & disease.

Have you ever thought that at your childhood when you had cold & fever, your mother offered ginger tea ,garlic etc.Then you got symptomatic relief.

You don’t need to take any injections to boost your immune system. Because here I will say about some immune boosters what you already take daily. You just need to add more in quantity.

Some effective immune boosters

  • Study says that Vitamin C can boost your immune power to an extreme level. Where you’ll get vitamin c available. Citrus fruits have high amount of vitamin c. And you can intake lemon, orange & grapefruit.
  • Broccoli , because it contains high amount of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • Garlic & ginger can double your immune power .
  • Kiwi & papaya has a good amount of nutrients.
  • You can also drink homemade orange, apple & tomato juice.
  • Almond ,you can take.

There are so many more immune boosters but these above you use on regular basis.

Some studies reported that yoga has a good role to boost your immune system.

Always keep positive energy with you by meditation. It’s proven that regular meditation keeps you always in a positive mood.

Avoid to take stress. It is the main concern for illnesses. Here meditation can help you.

Nowadays one homeopathic medicine is coming forward to fight against COVID-19. They are firmly saying that this medicine can cure COVID patients.

what Is this ?

Arsenicum Album, yes this is. Even it is proven. Where all the hard works are getting failed to stop this virus , it’s working. But let’s know that how !

Doctors basically prescribe this as an immune booster. Even in India there are some state governments who approve it to fight against COVID-19.

So you can take but after consulting with your doctor.

These are the above ways you can boost your immune system. Share your feedback in this comment box. Or you can email us on blogwritter321@gmail.com.



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