Second Sero survey by ICMR

Reported by Blogwritter News |India |19’th August |01:01 AM IST

Yesterday second sero survey has started by ICMR team to measure the COVID exposure . This action has been taken by the ICMR team in June,2020. Yesterday this survey has started from the Balrampur district in eastern UP.

What is Sero survey?

It is a type of test where the person’s blood is collected to see if the person is infected with Coronavirus. It also checks that whether the person has ever been infected before and whether the person had ever produced antibodies in the body for COVID-19.

As we can see well that in India the testing capacity has increased and also the death rate is decreasing. So this sero survey also will contribute a lot to slow the virus.

It remains to be seen that how far ICMR can take this sero survey. To get these unique updates stay always connected with Blogwritter News. Thanks for reading Blogwritter.


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