Running with empty stomach

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Do you know that just by a 30 minutes running in a day you can give a new shape to your body!

Yes it is true. Running is a major calorie burner and an effective form of exercise. Studies have shown that regular running can reduce belly fat ,even without changing your diet plan. Maintain 30 minutes running in a day. You can do running with empty stomach or after having breakfast.

Experts say that don’t need to run daily . You can go for 4-5 days in a week. And on other days, where you don’t run you can try to do other exercises. Like strength training & yoga. These will help you to strengthen your muscles during running. The more you’ll run ,more calories you’ll burn.

How running burns more calories than other exercises ?

We all know that If you want to lose weight, you have to burn calories. It requires to burn more calories than you consume daily. The best option is running because it can burn more calories than any other exercises. To burn more calories by running it actually requires many different muscles to hard together. So with the help of various muscles it burns more calories.

Running with an empty stomach:

This is the most common question what people ask that May I run with an empty stomach? Because there is a confusion which creates always when you ask this question to anyone. And the answer you get it’s different from different people. But today we will know that what science says here.

So many people are there who like to run with their empty stomach. And they mostly choose the morning time.

Impression of running with an empty stomach:

After 6-8 hours of overnight fasting, it’ll be a fasted running. But when you are not eating anything, your glycogen level are getting low.Glycogen is mainly stored in the liver and the muscles and it is the form of carbohydrates . Which provides energy to body,when body’s glucose level is low. In this case your body can’t find the sufficient carbohydrates to burn,as it is low.

Here your body uses more fat to burn to get energy. Which is called Oxidation.

What study says?

According to some studies on some participants it is proven that faster exercise lowers the energy intake. And when the glycogen level are getting low from blood & muscles your body pokes the liver glycogen store. So fasted exercise helps to burn fat faster and loose weight faster.

But here Blogwritter suggest you to eat before running because it will give you the energy. So that you can run safely. If you do a fasted running accident may happen due to the weakness. It will better that understand your body’s strength then take a decision.

Calculate your ideal weight:

Along with the running it is also important to track your weight atleast weekly if you want to loose your weight. Because with this trick you can improve your effort towards running. So make a note and from now track your own weight and make a goal for your ideal weight with weight calculator.


Summary :

With these above information, provided by Blogwritter we suggest you to choose your best option for running. And we wish your good luck to achieve your health goal.

Please share your valuable experiences on this topic here in the below comment box. And Blogwritter always wishes for your good health in this COVID era. You also can read our another blog to improve your immunity power. Stay healthy and stay safe. Thank you for reading this article.


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