Reason for dark yellow urine

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What is the colour of your urine? Don’t think that it’s a silly question. If the colour is dark yellow then it could be a matter of concern. But don’t worry, with this blog you can overcome this easily.

So scroll down to know more about the reason for dark yellow urine and how you can overcome.

Experts always say that normal colour of your urine should be pale yellow to deep amber. If your urine’s colour is normal then your health is normal. Because you can understand the symptoms of most of your diseases by looking at the color of your urine.

But that doesn’t mean that always it will be a sign of diseases. If you don’t consume enough water, then also the colour may turn into dark yellow. So at the first stage you should drink more water. Even then, if there is no change, you should contsult with your doctor.

But remember that this dark yellow colour may be a sign of a disease. Even sometime it may be the side effects of some medicines.


If you have signs of dehydration then consume more water.Due to the less water in your body dehydration may happen. And excessive activity,vomiting ,sweating & fatigue can be also the reason. Then you should immediately drink more water to change your urine’s colour dark yellow to green. Also you can consume oral rehydration solution to prevent dehydration.

Thirst , headache ,dry mouth, dry skin & yellow urine these are the symptoms of dehydration. So after knowing the reason fix it. Here in this blog you can know the ideal amount of your daily water consumption.

Hepatitis :

It may also the reason of your dark yellow urine. In a simple sentence Hepatitis means the inflammation in liver. There are so many types of Hepatitis like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Alcoholic Hepatitis, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis A & Hepatitis E. There are different types of causes & symptoms for different types of Hepatitis.

Hepatitis C Virus or HCV can cause an infection in liver. And dark yellow urine may be symptoms of this virus attack.

When you will be able to notice these symptoms which may lead to Hepatitis you should immediately consult with Doctor.


When there is an increase production of bilirubin in your blood. And your liver is releasing them through urine then Jaundice may happen. The first sign of Jaundice is yellow urine. So whenever you observe this symptom ,consult with your doctor. In a newborn baby it’s normal to have jaundice but usually it clears by it’s own. But for other ages jaundice may be signs of several liver diseases. It is serious concern that’s why you should monitor your jaundice by a doctor.

Liver Cirrhosis:

Kidney failure & heart failure ,you may have heard these two names before but liver failure it may be new for you. Liver failure may be the reason of liver damage. And it basically occurs due to Hepatitis & excessive consumption of alcohol. You might have noticed many patients with abdominal swelling . It’s a common symptom of liver cirrhosis. And along with it yellow urine is also a common symptom.

Kidney Stone:

Kidney stone may be a reason if you feel difficulties during urination and notice a dark yellow urine. Then you should immediately do a Health check up.

These above points may be the reason of dark yellow urine. And at initial stage Blogwritter can suggest you to consume ideal water daily. If dehydration is the reason then you can also intake Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). But if you feel something serious then consult with your doctor.

Idel Water intake calculator:

Overall we can say that drinking sufficient water can save you from so many internal disease. Calculate with this amazing tool provided by Blogwritter and know that what is ideal amount of your daily water consumption. And where you are. Use this tool below.



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