New Zealand's success story in the fight against COVID-19

Collected Report by Blogwritter, Date- 10/08/2020.03.00 pm

As per a report received by Blogwritter today.We are very happy to say that there are total 100 days without any transmission cases of Coronavirus in New Zealand.

Yes it is true and for that all the people of New Zealand are feeling proud for them and their Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden. On of 10’th August,2020 New Zealand reported 1219 confirmed cases where only 21 active infections were included. But there was not any new community transmission cases in 100 days. And these infected cases are coming from abroad, they are saying.

Report says that only 22 deaths are there due to the Coronavirus. in a single sentence this country has done a great job to control Coronavirus. Because if you see that Australia is neighbour country of new Zealand. The total death till now is 313 in Australia.

Now let’s know that how this miracle has happened New Zealand?

Jacinda Arden , a young Prime Minister of New Zealand ,who takes a big responsibility to overcome the fear of COVID-19. But we have to also agree that without the support of New Zealand people, it couldn’t possible. Jacinda closed all the borders for foreigners on 19’th March and announced for a strict lockdown on 23’rd March.

How the lockdown was ?

Completely strict. It means there was not any movements during lockdown . Complete close for foreigners. Only local residents of New Zealand allowed to come but still they had to stay for government approved isolation. No gathering for party, beach ,play ground was allowed there. All the Movie theaters was closed there. Her aim was simple & that is zero transmission.

It was the strategy by Ms. Jacinda Arden. Main focus was on lockdown and was strictly maintained by all the people of New Zealand. That’s why this positive result is showing globally. Now we definitely can hope that new more positive changes are ready to come for New Zealand.


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