Hey, Do you know that you are a patient !

Yes, you are . Because you have a problem of mood swings.

Don’t ignore it. Treat it seriously as soon as possible. Because if you have strong mood swings then it’s a sign of depression.

So, let’s talk about mood swings below.

It means a rapid changes in mood. And it’s a common problem nowadays. And it vastly effects on a relationship.

Suppose you are in a relationship with your girlfriend or wife and a regular fight is always going on, and the reason of fight is nothing from your side.

Example:-Suppose yesterday there was an argument between you and your partner then suddenly it has become normal today morning but now again an another fight.

Then you may decide for break up at a certain time. And if you really want to do it ,then you’ll be wrong. Because she is not doing anything intentionally. Then what’s the reason for !

It basically occurs in women during ovulation & periods. In a short note you can say that it basically happens due to the hormonal changes during menstrual cycle. Pregnancy may be another reason.

Because during pregnancy nausea, vomiting happens regularly.

Other reasons of mood swings:

Can men have this problem?

Yes , definitely. Let’s talk about some reasons.

Stress– If are you are an employee it’s common that you are carrying stress and due to this you may face this problem of mood swings. And for that you may feel that you are getting psycho day by day. But it’s not and it’s common.

And stress basically comes from working pressure. And it happens when it’s getting difficult to manage the balance between your professional & personal life.

Insufficient Sleep– It takes a big role for mood swing. Studies say that seven to nine hours sleep is needed. Check your sleeping shedule, if you are not taking proper sleep then you may be a victim of mood swings.

Dysthymia– It is a chronic form of depression. It may become a reason of your strong mood swings.

Hormonal Imbalance– If you are a teenager then it basically common due to the imbalance of hormones. So you don’t need to worry so much.

Unhealthy diet– Junk food , street food may be a reason of your this problem.

Medications– Mood swings can happen due to the adverse effects of medicines you are taking.

How you can keep yourself away from mood swings ?

Meditation, Regular exercise, Healthy diet can keep you away from mood swings.


If you are not getting enough time to go outside from your daily routine then you need to go for a holiday to fresh your mind.

Treat depression

eAs it is a sign of depression that’s why treat it soon and consult with your doctor.

Role of a good friend

You need to make a good friend, with whom you can share all of your daily life, where you can express yourself so that you can feel yourself better.

Other solutions

Sometime playing outdoor games can help to keep yourself away from mood swings.

If you are a regular smoker then leave your this habit.

If you have strong mood swings then it’s needed to consult with a physician.

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