A country, which formed in 1947 after the separation from India,it is not safe now.

Do you know that as per the report of last year Bangladesh was the World’s 7’th fastest growing economy !

Yes it is true. As in India there are two stock exchanges BSE & NSE , in Bangladesh also there are two stock exchanges 1.Dhaka Stock Exchange & 2.Chittagong Stock Exchange.

Agriculture is the main income source of Bangladesh. Because it’s contributing more than 50% of the GDP.

If you see the literacy rate it’s much better than Pakistan. Textile industry, shipbuilding,agriculture these are the big industries of Bangladesh.

But why Bangladesh is not safe now ?

Due to COVID-19, the current senario is not good in Bangladesh. But it’s normal because when country like America, Italy, China are leaning in-front of this virus, it’s normal about Bangladesh.

You will get a shock to read this below . Till now as on 6’th May ,2020 due to COVID-19 total death is almost 200. Total112,000 people are infected in Bangladesh due to this virus. And it’s a shocking news that in only 24 hours 790 people have been infected by COVID-19. But not any newly recovered cases are there.

Let’s know that why this kind of situation is there in Bangladesh!

A country which is doing good to make their economy strong. But still in 2020 it’s Health infrastructure is not good enough. I am not going into deep, but what is more necessary for a critical patient! It’s ICU & Ventilation support. Even when a virus like COVID-19 is knocking your door , what you need there !

You need to have enough arrangements of ICU & Ventilation support with you. But in Bangladesh total ICU setup is only 112 & total Ventilation support is only 1200 including government & non-government.

This is really very poor. But it is true that the relationship of this country with other countries is good. That’s why it’s the 3’rd time where India is supporting Bangladesh by providing surgical masks and head covers to fight against this virus.

Still complete lockdown is going on there. We may think that it’s a poor kind of country. But we are wrong . Because world bank data is saying that in 1970 the poverty rate of Bangladesh was 82% and now in 2020 it comes to below 4%. So country is doing good. Even percentage of urban population has improved much more.

When it comes on digitalization Bangladesh is Keeping pace with the world. So we can say that it’s on the way of the revolution of digitalization.

But why this situation during COVID-19 ? Is Bangladesh not capable to fight against COVID-19? Will this virus really stop it’s growth ?

Let’s have a look on Bangladesh’s health infrastructure. In Bangladesh the number of total Medical College is near about 110 and the overall seats are near about 12,000 including dental. That’s the reason ,if now a new COVID case creates, it will be little tough to recover.

So when we know that globally it will take time to prepare a vaccine. So I then I think Lockdown is the only to prevent this virus. Because prevention is very much needed when you don’t have a proper weapon. And now with some precautions and by this lockdown we can make a prevention and we can save from creating new cases.

We all know that in Future it wil be stopped to spread but till that I think it’s our responsibility to cooperate with Government. Some precautions you all need to maintain in this lockdown. So that only you can get back this beautiful green country again like before.

Share your valuable comments here below that , how can Bangladesh fight against COVID-19 ! Share your valuable opinions in the comment box please.


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