Importance of Azithromycin

Hey, do you know that what azithromycin is and why a Doctor prescribes azithromycin ? What are the Importance of azithromycin ? Side effects of azithromycin and top brands of azithromycin in India and U.S ?

Today in this blog you will get all the answers by Blogwritter. Don’t skip a single sentence. If you really wanna know all about azithromycin then you are in a right place. So without wasting your time just scroll down.


Azithromycin is an antibiotic. It is basically used for the treatment of bacterial infections. Infectiona like middle ear infection, throat infection, community acquired pneumonia, diarrhoea due to the travelling . Even if you are affected by sexually transmitted infections then also you can use Azithromycin.

You can use this drug for the treatment of Acute Bacterial Exacerbations of COPD. If you have uncomplicated skin then azithromycin is very much useful there. This molecule was developed in 1980 and got approval in 1988 for medical use.

This Azithromycin comes under the essential medicines list of World Health Organization( WHO).

How to take Azithromycin?

You can take Azithromycin by mouth or intravenously with a dose of once in a day. Blogwritter always suggests you to take your Doctor’s suggestion when you choose Azithromycin.

How Azithromycin works?

It stops the bacterial growth by decreasing the production of protein in your body. In this pandemic where all are suffering globally. In this situation azithromycin has shown it’s importance. Nowadays there are so many drugs are coming forward for mild to severe COVID-19 cases. But when the COVID started, it’s cause was unknown & there Azithromycin helped a lot for COVID-19 patients.

Researches are going on to see the efficacy of Azithromycin and Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients.

Azithromycin 250 mg and 500 mg tablets are available in market also the suspension is available for children.

There is a different dosing shedule is available of Azithromycin.

Side effects of Azithromycin:

Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain , irregular heart rhythm these are the side effects of Azithromycin. A study of 2012 has shown that Azithromycin may increase the risk of death for a patient with heart problems.

That’s why we always suggest you that don’t use this drug without the consultation with your Doctor.

Top Azithromycin brands in India:

1) Azithral by Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

2) Azee by Cipla Ltd.

3) Azax by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.

4) Azifast by Ipca Laboratories Ltd.

Top Azithromycin brands in U.S:

Zithromax , Zithromax Tri -Pak, Zithromax Z-Pak, Zmax are the top Azithromycin brand names available in the US.


We hope that you got all the answers about Azithromycin what was un your mind. Nowadays in this COVID-19 pandemic where patients are really afraid to go to the doctor . There we have seen the importance of Azithromycin. We also have seen that with a five days course a patient is getting recovered.

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