Healthy Sperm- Key of a happy life
Healthy Sperm

A question to all Men that what do you need- ‘Sperm or Healthy Sperm’?

If your answer is Healthy Sperm then only you scroll down otherwise not.

Why Healthy Sperm?

We were students and we just had the thought of studying. Then when we got little older and started thinking about jobs. Many responsibilities began to come to mind. Then the marriage took place.

But after marriage we are not having children. Doctors are saying that I am carrying unhealthy sperm. Then I remembered that it was a mistake,when I was a student in college.

As no one taught me sex education. I was not aware on it . Even it may be the reason also that due to the tension and responsibilities, this is my stage today.

So our concern definitely should be to carry a healthy sperm.

Symptoms of unhealthy sperm:

You may feel some symptoms if you are carrying unhealthy sperm. Like, problems with sexual activity, low sex drive,erectile dysfunction etc.

Importance of healthy sperm :

The dream of becoming a father in a man’s life is like touching the sky. And your sperm takes an important role here.But due to your past mistakes, regular bad habits, unhealthy diets can ruin your dream of becoming a father.

So you can get a complete solution in this blog with below points.

There are several ways you can get a healthy sperm. Let’s have a look below:

1.Make a balance on Masturbation:

This is the main reason for your unhealthy sperm. If you do masturbation excessively then you might be at a risk of unhealthy sperm. Here is not any specific age for masturbation.It may happen with a student & a professional also.People use to do it to release the sex stress.

But you might have noticed that in a day if you masturbate for more thant 3 times, you may feel weak.You may feel dizzy.You can’t go out in the sun.

Behaviour of Masturbation:

These above symptoms you may feel.It is normal to masturbate, if you are in a long distance relationship. You can do refresh your mind, when you are releasing sex stress. But excessive masturbation can make you mentally ill.

It is natural but you just need to maintain a balance to be mentally healthy & make your sperm healthy.

2.Cut down on steroids:

We all know that people take anabolic steroids to stimulate muscle strength and growth. But do you know that it may be the reason of infertility !

Yes it may. Because study says that these steroids can decrease your sperm count and make them unhealthy. So people, who are talking anabolic steroids actually they are unaware mostly. They don’t it’s long term side effects. So many drugs are available there in market. And those can have a bad effect on your married life.

3.Overcome Depression:

Depression ,it can harm your sperm concentration. Stress can interfere with hormones which actually help to produce sperm. Studies have proven that if your male partner has severe depression then the likelihood of pregnancy may be lower.

So keep yourself away from depression . Stay always happy. Here Meditation can help you a lot. With the help of it you can move depression away.

4.Do Kegel Exercise Daily:

Many of you may be hearing this name for the first time. But there is nothing to worry about. Because it is also known by other name like Pelvic muscle strengthening exercise.

How to do this exercise ?

Kegel exercise means that you are feeling that you have to urinate and you are holding urine. Here in this exercise the main work is that you have to relax and tighten the muscle that control urine flow. But here it is important to find the correct muscle to tighten. You can do one thing to feel the muscle.

Next time when you will go to urinate , Start to urinate the make a sudden stop then again start and then again stop. In this way you can feel the right muscles. These are called Pelvic Floor Muscles.

Basic rules to do Kegel Exercise:

1.First choose a comfort place.

2.Your bladdar should be empty then sit there.

3.Tighten your Pelvic Floor Muscles and hold when you are tightening and count for 4-6 seconds.

4.Relax the muscles and count for 4-6 seconds, when you are relaxing your muscles.

5.Repeat this kegel exercise 10 times as three times in a day.

6.Take a deep breath and relax your body when you are doing this exercise.

7.Do not tight your stomach, thigh & buttock during the exercise.

Then after 1 month you may feel a good response. Some studies have shown that Kegel Exercise is effective to keep sperm healthy.

5.Stop Smoking:

Some studies have reported that the sperm quality is lower of a smoker compare than a non-smoker. A study on smokers has shown it’s result as endpoint that it decreases the sperm count by 17.5%. So if you are a smoker it should be an opportunity with this blog to stop smoking.

6.Stop alcohol consumption:

Drinking alcohol can lower testosterone levels , erectile dysfunction and decrease sperm production. Which can affect fertility. But if you are an occasional drinker then your risk is less.

Foods to increase sperm count:

You can take citrus fruits, walnuts, dark chocolate, garlic & bananas also to boost your sperm quality.And you will get healthy sperm. Even you also can do consumption of Zinc for good & healthy sperm . You also can read the blog to know more about Zinc benefits.

With these above solutions provided by Blogwritter you can change your sperm quality from unhealthy to healthy. But Blogwritter always suggests that if your problem is a little worrying then you should contact with a doctor immediately.

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We hope that in this blog you will get complete information on healthy sperm. And send your feedback in the comment box that, do you have any experience on this topic or not?

Share this blog with your friends and help them to understand the importance of healthy sperm & happy life. Thank you for reading this. Stay healthy & stay safe in this COVID-19 era. Also you can read this blog of Blogwritter to boost your immune system.


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