Good news on Recovery Rate

As per the new report of Ministry of Health, India recovery rate of COVID-19 has jumped. It has jumped from 48.20% to 68.32% As per their Opinion it just has happened for the responsive clinical management.

On 9’th August they have tweeted this report. In this pandemic where lockdown is not working as trick .Still we are getting this report by Health Ministry of India. It’s a good news. In these days Indian Prime Minister is always saying to all the Indian that ‘Make yourself self-reliant‘.And nowadays we are getting so many Indian medicines are coming in Indian pharma markets.

We know that Indian pharmaceutical giant Cipla launched it’s generic Remdesivir to Indian market for severe COVID-19 patients . A last month we all observed that Favipiravir which is now approved for Mild to Moderate COVID-19 patients. Now it is also available by so many pharmaceutical companies.

We can hope that this recovery rate will more improve here. Stay healthy & stay safe. Also stay connected with Blogwritter News to get updates on Health. Thanks for reading.


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