Few days more to get Coronavirus vaccine

Report by Blogwritter, on 11’th August, 2020

War is still going on against COVID-19. A virus, which started from the Wuhan city of China. And now we all are suffering. Badly it is affecting to all financially, mentally & physically. With that, there is the pressure of lockdown again. And suddenly we get a good news on Coronavirus vaccine.

We all know that only vaccine is the option now to prevent this virus. And today we get a news from Russia that there is a claim creating by Russian president Vladimir Putin. He is saying that now Russia is ready with the World’s fist COVID vaccine. He said today that his daughter has taken the first shot of this vaccine.

What about this vaccine ?

Russia is saying that it is a project , called Sputnik. Since four months 250 scientists are working for this vaccine. And they made this with a complete privacy. Clinical trials were held at 2 defence hospitals. Russia’s Sechenov University is completely connected with this vaccine. They are firmly saying that this vaccine is completely safe and effective to make antibodies against COVID-19. And this COVID vaccine offers sustainable immunity against Coronavirus.

What experts are saying ?

This news has created a vibration across the globe. After getting this different experts are giving different opinions. Some are saying that now we are getting the first hope towards positive and Russia has created a landmark. And today’s date will be a remarkable day. Where some experts say that may be this vaccine will be acceptable for Russia. What for other countries, it’s still unknown. According to other experts this haste can also cause damage.

Comments of W.H.O:

WHO repeatedly is asking for the valid documents about the safety of this vaccine. At other side Russia is saying that it is 100% safe & effective. Questions are also raising about the published trials. President , Mr. Putin says that we did not publish the trial results in the newspaper thinking about its privacy.

Seriously this news is like a ray of hope.Now we only can think for the hope. This news is Reported by Blogwritter. Stay connected with the News section of Blogwritter to get all the updated news on Health.


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