Death rate is greatly falling down

News collected by Blogwritter News | India | 16’th August | 11.00 PM IST

Breaking News- India’s fatality rate due to COVID-19 massively falling down. It’s really a good news for all the Indians . Because once a time in middle of the June where it was 3.33% now today it’s less than 2% .

Today Indian Ministry of Health department shares a graph on social media and says that death rate is decreasing due to the COVID-19. Now it’s less than 2% which is one of the lowest globally .

Also today we get a news from Press Information Bureau of India that Country’s recovery rate is also increasing and now it’s near about 72%. They announced today that more than 53,000 patients recovering in last 24 hours.

We hope in future this graph will move towards more positive. Stay always updated on Health with Blogwritter News.


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