Cheapest Remdesivir by Zydus

By Blogwritter | India | News updated at August 14 2020 12:48 AM IST

The Indian people are going to breathe little more relief now. Because yesterday on 13’th August,2020, Indian Pharma company Zydus Cadila has launched the cheapest COVID-19 drug Remdesivir 100 mg injection for severe Coronavirus cases.

Yesterday they launched Remdesivir in the brand name of Remdac. The price they have set at Rs:2,800/- per dose.

At this moment the demand level of this drug is at peak. Because now it is the only option to reduce the death rate. That’s why it is now out of the stock. We all heard that before few days ago Cipla also launched Cipremi.Cipremi was the cheapest Remdesivir till now. But now Zydus Cadila is firmly claiming that their Remdac will be the most economical Remdesivir brand.

Nowadays they are doing their best efforts also to make COVID-19 vaccine. After the success of phase 1 trial teheir vaccine is already entered in phase 2 trial. And now this news has brought more brilliance in the picture of their success.

Cadila Healthcare managing director Sharvil Patel said it will be the most affordable brand to treat severe COVID-19. After launching India’s first antibody testing kit this is their another success against Coronavirus. They are saying that it will be 48% cheaper brand than the highest priced brand in India.

When it will be available ?

Company said that soon it will be available at Private & Government Hospitals through the strong distribution chain of Zydus Cadila. And also they made a product availability information support centre as Cipla did to help the patients.

Reports are saying that this Remdesivir offers a promising response to recover a severe COVID-19 patients quickly. See the individual Remdesivir brand’s price in India in this below image.

In the race of launching Remdesivir now Zydus has registered their names in number five. Now we can wish for their better luck in this race. And also we are keeping hope for the best.

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