Zinc deficiency symptoms- you need to know

Are you taking a sufficient amount of Zinc in your food ? If not then this blog is for you. Before that let's know that why zinc is important for us . It actually helps our immune system & metabolism function. It has a...

Mood Swings! why ?

Hey, Do you know that you are a patient ! Yes, you are . Because you have a problem of mood swings. Don't ignore it. Treat it seriously as soon as possible. Because if you have strong mood swings then it's a sign of...

These Immune boosters can prevent virus attack

Hey still you are in worry ! Are you still thinking to save your family from COVID-19 kind of virus ! Then stop thinking too much and just scroll down to know more about some Immune boosters who can stand inside you to...

Tips to get instant relief from the pain of Arthritis in finger

Have you ever felt finger Arthritis pain ? If you have then only you can realize . Suppose suddenly at a time your mother is saying that there is a huge pain in her hand's finger . It's just like she can't even hold the pen also....

Miserable Condition Of Bangladesh By COVID-19

A country, which formed in 1947 after the separation from India,it is not safe now. Do you know that as per the report of last year Bangladesh was the World's 7'th fastest growing economy ! Yes it is true. As in India...


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